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Spoiler: ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Abhira dreams of a happy marriage with Armaan

Armaan decides to fire Abhira, who questions his motives. Vidya intervenes, taking Abhira away, while Armaan and Ruhi perform on stage. Sanjay cuts off family communication to prevent Kajal from reaching them. Despite an argument, Abhira saves Armaan from falling off the stage, but Ruhi blames her for ruining the wedding events. Abhira and Ruhi argue, and Abhira asserts her dignity by announcing she is no longer working and won’t tolerate such treatment. She congratulates them on the marriage and rushes away. She leaves and breaks down in tears on the road.

In the hospital, The doctor checks Madhav and asks Kajal to speak to Madhav to get him back to consciousness. He says that there is an improvement in Madhav’s condition. She urges Madhav to wake up and stop Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage.

Armaan finds Abhira and she confronts him about paying for her resort repairs. He admits he fired her to ease her burden, revealing he cares about her. Confused and hurt, Abhira dreams of a future with Armaan but comes back to reality upon seeing him with Ruhi. Ruhi plans a date with Armaan at his favorite spot, but he is distracted by thoughts of Abhira.


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